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Our values

The following sections summarise what we believe in, what we deem important and what the nature of our activities is.

Business ethics

We believe it is in the interests of our owners, customers and employees to be a company with a good public reputation and growing profitability. Honesty, correctness and agreeability are the integral basis of our general mindset. Our principle is to stand against any form of corruption.


The main basis of our success is customer satisfaction. Successful customers mean success for us as well. We wish to be long-term partners for our customers. These partnerships bring long-term success to both parties. The best knowledge about customers, markets and competitors helps us be pioneers in our field of business. We think when it comes to satisfying the needs of the customers, we need to comply with the highest standards with regard to correctness, service, quality, timeliness of deliveries, and values. This notion makes us leaders of our field and ensures customer loyalty and respect.


Employment relationship in Baltic Works OÜ is voluntary and not enforced. We scorn any discrimination against workers and child labour. Our goal is to stimulate the sense of duty, mutual loyalty and pride in working at Baltic Works OÜ. We do it by engaging employees of all levels and by constant skill development. We encourage our employees to advance their career at Baltic Works OÜ and when recruiting, we always first look around within the company both on the national and international level. We give recognition to workers’ will to join collective discussion. We encourage good relations between employees and know that encouraging and helping each other is what makes us a wholesome and progressive organisation.


Our management philosophy prefers decentralisation and local independence with support services provided by the headquarters. This approach stimulates entrepreneurship, but maintains an integral reputation and uniform level of service and efficiency.

Our contribution to our company

We believe we maintain our competitive advantage by finding solutions that are ahead of those of our customers. This is why we are constantly looking for opportunities for development, no matter how small. We never hesitate to adopt new and more profitable work techniques and expect to preserve the integrity and correctness of our business activity. We encourage the ‘try harder’ and ‘let’s do this’ attitudes and maintain a climate of trust in all respects. The only mistake you can make is to not try something.


In production units, safety must always come first. Local laws and regulations on occupational safety must be followed and results documented. See the clauses below, for example.
a. A sufficient number of clearly marked exits for evacuation in an emergency is required. All exits must be kept free of obstacles.
b. Evacuation trainings must be held.
c. Fire extinguishers must be maintained on a regular basis and kept in a place visible and accessible for all employees.
d. First aid equipment must always be accessible.
e. Equipment must be equipped with functional safety devices and maintained on a regular basis. Personal protective equipment must be available if required.
f. Dangerous materials must be kept in safe ventilated places.


We are a responsible member of the society and follow the laws valid in our territory. We recognise and respect the lifestyle, nature and traditions of the local population.


We understand our social responsibility towards the health and safety of people and towards environmental protection. We fully comply with applicable legislation and are actively engaged in environmental protection and safety issues.

Cooperation partners

We ensure correctness and professionalism in all relations with our partners and expect them to do the same. We strive for efficiency and quality in every partnership and where possible, find added value for the benefit of both parties.


Efficiency is a focal idea of our business philosophy. We are constantly looking for means to reduce the cost of providing services for our customers, which are constantly improving.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]